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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shaniya Nicole Davis

I am tired, weary, heartsick of reading the stories of parents who become monsters. Shaniya Nicole Davis was sold to a man who, through his forcible violation of her five year old body, choked the life out of her. Her mother, who carried her for nine months, who had other children, sold her precious daughter, who loved earning high marks in school, for drugs.

The time has long since come for all of those involved in birth to take a stand. We have all seen mothers and fathers too incompetent, too unaware, too monstrous to be caregivers. Their black hearts are full of poison and their children are their prey.

No more.

It is well-documented somewhere that there were problems in the family, problems with drugs, problems with maturity, etc. There were relatives who loved and cared for little Shaniya, relatives who returned her to her mother, who consigned her to a horrible, cruel, twisted death.

Shaniya Nicole Davis.

This is the focus. Her life was taken by the one who gave her life, and the one who gave her life is no longer human, she is strung out on drugs and not in her right mind. Once a human has committed such a monstrous act, there is no human redemption.

If there were true justice, the woman who procured the death of Shaniya Nicole Davis would be walled up in the cask of amontillado.

Let God forgive her. I spit upon her who deliberately deprived her own daughter of both innocence and life and my heart is cold toward her.

I only have tears for the prey, Shaniya Nicole Davis. Poor angel, rest now, far from the ravaging hands and clawing horror of your final hours...

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