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Monday, January 4, 2010

No excuses, a new start.

Many people are so excited for the New Year. This is the time when people are eagerly looking forward to having a new start and turning over a new leaf. Diet, exercise, personal characteristics, new ways of doing things are examined and mulled over. When it comes down to it, the best thing to do is to get to the brass tacks of what it is that you want to do with this new energy.

One thing that I want to do is to help organize people in terms of diet and nutrition. My belief is that it is not enough to make a resolution to lose weight, one must implement a strategy in order to ensure that what is being revamped is a lifestyle, not just a food choice. For example, it is not enough to say "I must add vegetables to my diet"; how are you going to accomplish this, especially if vegetables and you have never gotten along?

Using a commonsense approach, a few gentle recipes and some humour, this becomes less of a burden and more of an adventure. Looking upon change as a positive thing and not a colossal hassle helps tremendously in having a more successful outcome.

So, my advice for today:


There, now that wasn't that hard, was it?


Doula Angelita is a trident doula, parenting coach, nutrition guide and women's issue advocate. She is in tune with the New Year and ready to help you become attuned as well.

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