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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

#WednesdayWisdom on Twitter!

DT:06 JANUARY 2010

This announcement is to let all know that on the first and third Wednesday of each month, Doula Angelita, San Jose's Community Doula, is launching a new initiative, #WednesdayWisdom, on Twitter.

The purpose of #WEDNESDAYWISDOM is to discuss a topic and disseminate easy-to-use tips on how to incorporate the topic into your life. Additionally, Doula Angelita does a QnA session during #WEDNESDAYWISDOM in which she personally addresses issues concerning the audience.

#WEDNESDAYWISDOM is a way for Doula Angelita to reach out to people in a comfortable way, and is a good way to demonstrate why she is San Jose's Community Doula and a leading expert on birth, parenting, nutrition and women's issues.

Join Doula Angelita's new 2010 launch today and get inspired to best health! Bless!

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