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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Checklist for Postpartum Health

I was on a web radio station tonight with Dr. Derrik Da Silva, an MD who is interested in a holistic approach to health, including the use of complementary and alternative medicine. We talked about some things to look for to make sure that you, and your s.o. are in tip-top physical and emotional shape after birth.

Here are the suggestions that were generated for those that missed the show:

1. Make sure that you both get plenty of rest. Tiredness promotes crankiness and feelings of isolation.

2. Keep hydrated. Water will help flush toxins and postpartum weight, and keeps both of you in the pink of health.

3. Keep affection, romance and touch alive. A simple touch of the hands, looking into each others' eyes, or falling asleep together on the couch sparks the feelings that attracted you to each other.

4. Ladies: TAKE YOUR PRENATAL FOR ONE YEAR AFTER THE BIRTH OF THE BABY. Many women discontinue the prenatal right after birth, or let it drift out of their lives. Maintaining the concentrations of vitamins and minerals in your body will promote optimal health.

5. Ladies and gentlemen: daily fish oil will boost your immune system and encourages organ health.

6. If you are feeling run down about 3-6 weeks after giving birth, at about the time of your 6 week checkup, ask your health care provider about routine tests to check for:
vitamin D deficiency
thyroid functioning
postpartum depression

Give your body, mind, and soul time to heal and to come back into a semblance of order. Your body has been through a year of hormonal shifts, stretching of the skin, respiratory compaction, etc. You will come back; just concentrate on keeping healthy, bonding with your baby, relaxing and caring for yourself!

Be Informed. Be Confident. Be Empowered.

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