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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Update on the Dayton, OH Homebirth Arrest Case

First, before I begin, I want to thank Ms. Stephanie Beck-Borden, press liasion for Ohio Families for Safe Birth, for her extreme patience and understanding as I woke her and her child up to speak about the case. She was very pleasant and helpful, and again I apologize for my brashness and rudeness! I feel terrible!

Now, for the meat of the matter:

1. The story that has been on the message boards for the past two weeks is TRUE. The woman has been charged with giving birth in her own home, even though the birth was vaginal delivery and the baby is fine.

2. The reason that I could not find information on this through the usual media outlets is that the family wants a)privacy, and b) not to antagonize the authorities any further as there is a court appearance later on in the month.

3. People in Dayton, OH who are aware of the facts and the case, are having garage sales, etc. to help raise funds for the legal defense of the family.

4. The best thing to do at this moment is to do nothing. We support the family as members of the birth community, but we do not want the prosecutors to feel that they have to make an example of this family. THIS IS ALSO THE FAMILY's WISH.

5. I will be on top of this case and will post as soon as there are new developments.

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